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Add On Options - 

360picKC Photo Booth Packages & Pricing

**To secure your date 50% of the package chosen has to be paid**

Add Ons -

Customization must be paid in full 60 days in advance, if less than 60 days, payment must be made at time of purchase

40” Flat Screen TV (Mirror LIVE 360 Sessions)
This add-on will allow guest within your event to see the output of the 360 videos live while waiting in line. When 360 is not in use the TV will randomly display other videos created the night of your event. TV will also display a QR Code allow guests to download/save their 360 videos directly to their mobile device.

Upgrade 360 - This 360 platform is 46 inches round and can fit 5-7 people 


Travel Fee 
This fee covers gas & mileage for any event, within four hours.  If an overnight stay is required, the cost of the hotel would be added on.  


After Hours Fee

Midnight - 4am

Custom Photo Props
Custom photo props catered to your events theme. These props will be yours to keep at the end of the event. Pricing varys $25.00-$50.00 per prop.

Custom Pillow Backdrop Rental
One custom 8ft X 8ft backdrop 

Half Full Wall Enclusore 

Red Carpet Experinece -

This experience includes red carpet, gold stanchions with red velvet ropes, and two silk red fire flames.

10X10 Outdoor Tent

AI Background

You can choose your own personal background, you can choose more than one background option

Additional Overlay  - 360 photobooth allows you to have up to two different overlay options

Brand Activation - customize the base of the 360, backdrop, or propls

Inflatable background options or enclosure - additional fee

Neon Sign Rentals

Silk Fire Flame Effect - add on


Prices are subject to change, and inquire for holiday rates! 

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